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We started collecting glass around 12 year ago, concentrating on 1930s art deco pressed glass flower frogs, centrepieces and nude figurines. It didn't take long before we added different examples including, lamps, vanity sets, glass comports and various miscellaneous items.

By clicking the buttons on the right you can enter the galleries which include pictures of Art Deco / Depression glass by August Walther & Sohne, S. Reich, Brockwitz, Baccarat, Riedel, Jobling, Bagley, Sowerby, Cambridge, other manufacturers and some which are as yet unidentified. Each section has several pages, and all pictures can be enlarged.

The catalogue is a combined collection of our current pieces and items previously in our collection. We've named each example where known, however, there are some gaps, and any help in attributing these pieces would be greatly appreciated. The miscellaneous section contains pictures of glass from various known and unknown manufacturers.

The information contained within these pages is purely based on our understanding, some of it may not be correct !!

We would love to hear from you if you have any comments about this site, would like to chat or swap information. Our email address is displayed at the top right hand side of the page (please include the words " pressed glass" in your subject heading).

We encourage the sharing of information, however, our pictures should not be reproduced for commercial reasons without consent.

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